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2019-2020 Parking Hangtag Information

Pre-Register for your Parking Hangtag by filling out your "paperwork" online this year. Click here to apply for your hang tag. Please have your driver's license and registration in front of you before you get started!

To log in, you will use your student Office 365 account. Your login is your student number ( Your password is your Edsby password. If you need help resetting your password, click here.

Next, to get your actual hangtag, you need to bring your driver's license, registration, and insurance to the student affairs office, along with your $20 payment. We can accept cash, check or money order payable to Plant City High School.

Dates to purchase hangtags:

July 29 (seniors)
10 a.m.-1 p.m.
July 30 (seniors)
10 a.m.-1 p.m.
July 31 (seniors)
10 a.m.-1 p.m.
August 6
9 -11 a.m.
August 7
1-3 p.m.
August 8
10 a.m.-1 p.m.
August 12 and on (during school)
During lunch in Student Affairs

Senior Painted Spot Information

Parking Lot Rules
My parents & I agree to the following rules and policies for parking on Plant City High School property:
1. All vehicles must be registered with the school and display a current parking permit. Permits are $20 per vehicle. Hang tags must be visible.
2. Cars without permits or cars parked in unassigned lots will receive a parking violation ticket and a $25 fine. Second parking violations will result in another $25 fine and parking privileges revoked for 30 days. Violators will be subject to having their vehicle towed. Third and subsequent violations will result in loss of parking privileges permanently as well as disciplinary actions.
3. All students must be licensed and have valid insurance coverage for their vehicle. Plant City High School assumes no responsibility for the vehicle or its contents.
4. Drivers must follow Florida state laws. Drivers should not exceed 10 mph in the parking lot, and care should be taken when driving near pedestrians. Students should not approach other students in vehicles in the parking lot. Music should not be heard from outside the vehicle.
5. There is to be no loitering in the parking lots at the beginning or the end of the school day, including students sitting in their own vehicles. After parking, students should immediately enter campus and are not allowed to return to their vehicle until they leave campus. At the end of the day, students may not congregate in the parking lot or in vehicles, and should immediately and safely queue into the car line to leave campus upon arriving to their vehicles. Students are prohibited from entering the parking lots during the day, including during lunch, without the permission of an administrator.
6. Vehicles are subject to search if there is reasonable cause to believe that drugs, alcohol, weapons, stolen property, or other forms of contraband may be found in a vehicle.
7. Permits are non-transferable to other vehicles or students. Any student who uses another student's permit will forfeit his/her right to drive to school along with the student who received the permit.
8. Suspension of driving privileges and/or disciplinary actions will take place for excessive sign ins or parking violations.